“At the address on the Rego papers.”

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“I should think not,” her mother said with a slight shudder.
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“They wouldn’t do a thing nearby this. The Americans have too much influence beyond them and it wouldn’t worry which party was in power, the result would still be the same.”
“Yes, don’t you believe me?” Her voice was getting upset. If she lost the job, this delightful job, well, so be it. She couldn’t have a job for someone who didn’t assume her. She wasn’t bygone enough to have a subservient attitude engrained into her like her progenitrix.
“Luke!” I tipped my head back to glare at him and was rewarded with another kiss.
“I should think not,” her mother said with a slight shudder.
“Please even-handed let me go,” Callia whispered, her eyes filling with tears.
“At the address on the Rego papers.”
This chapter picks up pronto after the end of Chapter 2. Unless you have read the previous chapters, it will not make any sense. There is one more chapter to try, and that is being edited so it should a week or maybe a little more. Without delay again, I press to thank my editors, Terry and Snow. Both of them make this story on. I owe them so much! I love both of you!


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