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The delight in seeing him left me rapidly as I realised that he really wasn’t here destined for me, and while it was kind of him to let me know about Seb and Ava, I had wanted him to be here on the side of me. To on and save me and be my knight in shining armour I suppose. But he didn’t seem to have wanted that.

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“At first, yes. I knew I needed a ball and quickly.”
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I was starting to like having him around more and as much as I liked it, my evil half was still trying to distance oneself from a shove off away in attempt to conserve myself from more crap I didn’t insufficiency. Intellectual of actually opening up to him scared me because I didn’t want to seem weak to him, I didn’t longing him to see me crumble apart again, up close and I tried as hell didn’t want to be falling for him. Things were going good just as much as they were going bad.

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“I’m so wretched Cathy. I wish I could procure it accurately. I wish I’d known.”
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