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“You’re too systematic for that, especially with those extra thick condoms that you tend to advance.”

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“Yes, I know who did it. It WAS those two bastards. Catherine told me. She knew them from helping out at the church. God damn it! She was help them out and they raped and killed my little girls! They raped Catherine and almost killed her! She killed herself because she was pregnant. Oh, yeah, they did it.”
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John chanced a look again. He said a quiet obsecration to the Earl for bringing the pirates toward the camp in the same direction the three poison runners had used. They were approaching cautiously and would start the campsite any relocate. He said another praying they wouldn’t notice the trip wire. He needed that to be thriving like in the vanguard and also for the fundamentals of surprise. The gunmen had their weapons willing and without surprise Em and he were in for a world of trouble.

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“I like your mother. Okay, she came over as a mean stuck up to start with, but the news probably came as a segment of a shock to her. It’s not the first time that you’ve shocked her is it?”
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