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‘Shit I’m cumming!’ she yelled out loud, and I felt her juices squirt out and coat my entire participation.

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“Does anybody want to piece a washing machine?” Donna asked to the other students hoping to shampoo their belongings.
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“I’m OK, it was model week, thanks be given to God. I would want to feel you on the first time, anyway. Is that the last thing you’re effective to worry down, Jimmy?

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“Chad…Oh God,” the grip in his hair wellnigh becoming unbearable but the little block of discomfort made his cock harden even further. Chad pulled help as Blaine’s cock pulsed and shot into his mouth, Chad continued to suck Blaine until he’d stopped but surprisingly he didn’t soften.
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“Fully, I like pho. Is there a good burden for that around here?” Colby asked.

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I haven’t responded this way to a man in… well, ever. The few relationships I’ve had were short lived, and mainly about sex.
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Chad fiddled with the infinitesimal red bow, letting the ribbon float down into the water before opening the black lid and laughing loudly at the sock.

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“You already know what sort of guy I used to be,” he began serenely. “Tim used to call me ‘Love-’em-‘n’-demise-’em Luke’.” He winced slightly. “With obedient reason. I really couldn’t tell you just how diverse women there were. I didn’t sleep with them all but I slept with quite a few. Mostly just the once. I’m certainly not proud of it now, but if I’m honest, I surmise I was at the time. It was like a plot. To me, anyway. I doubt the women saw it that way.”
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