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He was on the double pursued by two other policemen while the others stalked the residual two men. The cat and mouse ploy that followed soon had the crowd cheering the efforts of the two men to avoid capture. Every time one of them eluded the reach of his would be captor a loud cheer rose from the spectators. The damage to the bags was a moment forgotten, except for those importers of certain illegal substances who edged their way to the fringe of the multitude ready to decamp in the event of their bags being bust disclosing the contents for all to see. Soon the already large push was further swollen around the arrival of passengers from another send off.

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They left by the garage entrance and drove to the Domain Parking Station. Burroughs and Rogers left the car and, entrancing the moving footway, made their surrender to Macquarie Street where they were met by Smythe in the Commodore. “I lost most of them in the car park but there is still only of them sitting behind us so hang onto your hat we are to all intents going to have to knock a insufficient red lights.”
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