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As if on cue the phone rang. “Yes.”

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I mentally talked to myself as I began to cry quietly.
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“You’re not under any condition going to be competent to park,” I said when we finally arrived at the hospital, dismayed to see just how many cars were queuing on the slip freeway for a space. It was just ten o’clock but already the give up maximum the multi-storey car park read ‘FULL’.

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His passion against me erased all the surrogate thoughts I might have been having. “Mmm.” I agreed, favouritism my grey matter against his.
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Without even casual use for the last 30 years, the wood began to show signs of water damage and rot. Holes appeared between the logs. The porch could no longer safely leverage more than two: boards had rotted and fallen away.

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Rory flipped chasing her skirt so that she could catch a glimpse of the lascivious grin he was wearing. “I’m sorry, beautiful, I’m just shocked. I thought underwear was against your religion?”
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