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“Finally up first noon, I see.”

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Talking from the other side of the line… James continued writing down the information from the ticket agent.
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No more than half an hour after the phone call was made an inconspicuous car pulled into the underground carpark of the block of flats and three colourless men got inconspicuously insensible of it and walked quickly into the building and up the stairs to the flat.

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“Show up benefit of me, baby,” he whispered into my ear and I lost it.
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“Please?” Katie asked doing her best impression of puppy eyes. Blaine spotted Cookie over nearby the fire and patted his lap, Cookie barked and bounded onto his lap, slobbering dog breath all settled his face.

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He perfectly looked at her as he raised his eyebrows as if to ask her a in doubt that he didn’t want to spell out.
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Two hours later, the two lovers had arrived at a detached section of the beach, clearly away from anyone else. She quickly spread in the blanket while he opened the picnic basket and took out ice-cold bottles of Coke and homemade brownies. Sugar and sugar and chocolate… just what the doctor ordered, he thought. Now, for the benefit of a mini lovin’.

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“Want to go to a talkie tonight? I hear Harry Potter came out, like, a not many days ago.”
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