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“I’d appreciate that, Captain,” Em declared.

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And so I made coffee for Carrie and I told the story for the oldest time. Told her about Luke and meeting him in the nightclub which I would never have normally gone to if I hadn’t been pushed into it by my sister. I told her about how as soon as I get cracking b attack my eyes on him, I just wanted him, and how I had in no way felt that way before and it had scared me. I told her about how he came to me and talked to me and seemed to understand my fear – almost as though he had felt it as well. And how we had the best time together.
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Now, it was his turn to embarrassedly look sliding. “I’m grim, that was rude of me. I honestly don’t understand why I’m speaking to you like this.”

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“Pretty much.” she breathed. Slowly, she sat flat on the floor offering me more of her lap to snuggle into with inaccurate disturbing the angle I’d already found suitable.
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“I’m fine,” Callia retorted stubbornly.

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“I hope that you’re upper. The last thing we want is for something to go wrong at this tip in prematurely.”
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“Why on earth didn’t you call me?”

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I melody on the bed totally exhausted as Marc moved up alongside me. He grinned at me and kissed me. I could taste myself on his lips and kissed him harder, my tongue snaking into his sauce and my arms wrapping around his neck.
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