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Marc pulled Chiara to a stop on the road and held her to him, gazing into her beautiful turquoise eyes, hypnotized by their sparkle. “Chiara, I know it’s still early on our relationship, but I at best need to say this. You’re the first thing I think of when I wake up and the matrix thing I expect of before I fall asleep. When I’m not with you I feel hollow, like someone’s cut my heart out, and when I’m with you I feel like I could off to the moon.”

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“Yes please,” Matt answered. Jessica anchored him a sandwich and wrapped it in some wax paper and slid it into a paper bag with a cheap container of roasted potatoes and a bottle of soda. Matt turned to Claire. “Would it be possible to meet after lunch and get a infrequent things inoperative in the air?” Matt asked Claire.
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“In the end? That’s great. Are you sure though?”

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“Lovely, Alice,” she said. “I hope you’ll be very on cloud nine together.”
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